Triple Glazing

Once considered a luxury, triple glazing is more accessible to homeowners than ever.

Seamlessly blending into your home, triple glazing looks like double glazing but has the benefit of an additional pane of glass. It’s this additional pane that gives triple glazing its renowned thermal efficiency. This third pane of glass makes a huge difference in terms of both outside noise reduction and heat insulation; with triple glazing windows approximately 60% more heat efficient than standard ‘C’ rated double glazed windows.

At Micron we will help you get the perfect triple glazing to suit your home. Whatever style, size, function or colour you require, we can create and install energy efficient windows that will perfectly match your home and save you money for many years to come. Visit our showroom to discover more about our triple glazing or arrange your free home consultation online.

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Buying new windows is a big commitment, so ensure you make the right choice...

Prior to beginning your window buying journey, you should have a definitive reason for buying new windows. Perhaps your current windows are letting warm air out too easily and they’re responsible for your energy bills rising. Whether it’s for that reason, or anything else, just inform Micron of what you need from a new set of windows and our window consultants will advise on the most suitable solutions. With our guidance, you will find the process less intimidating.

Functionality - If it’s your first time buying new windows, you might be surprised by the depth of choice you have at Micron. We have a hugely eclectic range of window styles, including designs that you open from the side or top, vertically slide and tilt and turn. Trying out each of these window styles will be the best way of discovering what form of window functionality you prefer most. Our team will happily take you through each window offering.

Guarantee - When your new windows have been fitted by Micron, you will be given a 10 year guarantee as cover against the windows. Our experience tells us that 10 years’ worth of window performance is the very least you can expect from our replacement windows. The quality of the components and materials used to manufacture our windows is also paramount to their performance.

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