Roof Lanterns by Micron

Micron are specialists in Roof Lantern design and installation

Micron are Roof lantern suppliers in Kent & Surrey.  An alternative to a full conservatory is the ever popular 'Lantern Roof'.   The lantern roof is like a conservatory roof placed onto a solid extension, often but not always over an open space living area such as a kitchen.  The lantern roof gives an atrium effect, or something similar to an orangery. It's biggest benefit is the ability to bring natural light into the room. Other names for lantern roofs include lantern roof windows, skylights, atrium's, skypods and skylantern.

The favoured material for lantern roofs and atrium's is Aluminium painted in any colour to suit your property. Aluminium roofs are much better performing than other materials due to their low thermal sensitivity. Timber lantern roofs can twist and warp in the sun - the wooden sections expand when heated and contract again when cooling. Over a few years this constant twisting and warping due to the weather will allow gaps to appear and widen in the timber joins, leading to drafts and even worse water ingress.

When specifying a lantern roof it is very important to understand the amount of heat build up the glass can create by the sun. It is always recommended that at least 1 roof vent is fitted to allow trapped heat to escape, and the larger the roof the more vents you will need. The high performance Solar Glass used in roofs these days absorbs heat and reflects it back into the room - ideal on cold winter days but not on hot summer days so venting is massively important.

How to go about having a Micron Roof Lantern installed

As tastes change and technology marches on, the glass roof market is now very sophisticated.  As a result, Micron offer a completely free Roof Lantern design, survey and quotation service.  We will send one of our knowledgeable designers to your property to gain the vital information we need to be able to come up with the best solution(s) for you and your home.  We will use our skill and knowledge to devise a detailed plan and quotation for you to study at your leisure. We employ a zero pressure sales philosophy, so when you are ready to move forward we will be waiting to help you.  We are only happy when you are happy!

Please use the contact forms below to tell us what you need. You can also have a quick tour of our showrooms in Kent below, where we show a 'living home' display with twin, white roof lanterns!


Micron Home Improvements Showroom - Orpington, Kent 


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