What is secondary double glazing and when is it suitable?

What is secondary double glazing and when is it suitable?
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What is secondary double glazing and how can it help?

Secondary glazing for your windows is a simple yet highly effective way of reducing heat loss through existing windows, without replacing them or altering the look of the property from the outside. Aluminium secondary double glazing is suitable for most existing window surrounds and can be fitted quickly and easily.

Why would I need secondary glazing?

Ideal for listed buildings or buildings in areas of outstanding natural beauty, secondary glazing will provide most of the benefits of modern double or triple glazing without the need to alter the look of the property from the outside. The slim frames are fitted inside your existing window frame to create a sealed air pocket between the two panes of glass, thus creating a warm air void that reduces heat loss.

Many older windows, whilst aesthetically pleasing to look at, not only lose heat through thin glass but can also be very draughty as gaps appear over many years. Repair of old windows or commissioning exact replacements can be extremely costly. Secondary glazing is a cost effective alternative to major window refurbishment.

Secondary glazing for sound insulation?

The second major benefit of fitting secondary glazing is its ability to significantly reduce noise levels inside the property. By creating an air void, it cuts external noise intrusion from things like traffic, trains, aeroplanes and busy streets. By reducing noise pollution secondary double glazing creates a more comfortable living / working environment.

What kinds of buildings suit secondary glazing?

Secondary double glazing can be fitted to virtually any building. However, the most popular are listed buildings or houses in areas of outstanding natural beauty. In these cases there are usually restrictions in place that do not allow owners to alter the look of the building in any way from the outside. Churches, schools and historical or ancient homes / houses are particularly suitable.

Aluminium secondary glazing is available in a range of painted colours to match the interior of the property. Various opening options are available to allow easy access to the original windows, and to open the windows up when the weather allows.

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