Choosing UPVC or aluminium for windows & doors?

Choosing UPVC or aluminium for windows & doors?
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What are the differences between aluminium and uPVC windows, doors and conservatories?

This is a question we are asked frequently. The differences between aluminium and uPVC windows & doors are not immediately apparent, if you have no knowledge of buying windows and doors before. We advise that the best way to find out is to see for yourself! All of our showrooms feature both products side by side for easy comparisons.

Is aluminium stronger than uPVC?

The answer is yes, aluminium is a stronger material with which to make windows than uPVC. Aluminium being a metal is extruded in long, solid lengths of pure high grade material. There is no need to add any reinforcing to aluminium, whereas uPVC products require steel or aluminium bars inside the plastic outer-shell to give the structure enough strength.

Is aluminium or uPVC better for coloured windows and doors?

uPVC windows and doors can be specified in a range of different colours other than the White standard plastic colour. This is achieved by wrapping the white frames in a foil (usually a woodgrain effect foil). Aluminium is available in a range of colours and finishes. Hard wearing powder coated paint allows virtually any colour to be specified, and different gloss and matt finishes can be applied. Sublimated, ‘lifelike’ woodgrain finishes are also available.

How do you tell the difference by looking at uPVC or aluminium windows and doors?

The easiest way to tell the difference is the thickness of the frames. uPVC is a chunkier, thicker looking frame which reduces the glass area in the window or door. Aluminium will look sleeker and thinner and allow a greater area of glass, and therefore more light into the room.

Does uPVC last as long as aluminium?

Have you ever heard your plastic guttering and down-pipes creek and crack when the sun gets on them? This is the plastic warming up and expanding. The same thing happens to uPVC windows. Over a few years, the amount of expanding and contracting that occurs with uPVC can result in doors that are difficult to open, and windows that have twisted making them increasingly difficult to open and close. Indeed, it is recommended where large patio doors are required in a south facing elevation that they be constructed in aluminium only. This is because aluminium does not suffer the same twisting, warping or expansion when subjected to strong sun. Therefore, aluminium can last indefinitely. We are only recently beginning to replace the forerunner of our present day aluminium systems, which means they have lasted an incredible 30 years plus!

Is there a difference in the feel of the two materials when using them?

Yes there is. To feel and see the differences for yourself we recommend popping into our showrooms where you can use and feel both systems back-to-back for comparison.

Are aluminium windows and doors more expensive than uPVC?

They are slightly more expensive in general. As with many things, the better the product is the more it costs to manufacture and produce. By offering both products, we appeal to all customers regardless of budget. We can give you costs for both materials which will allow you to make your own mind up as to which product suits your requirements best!

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