Lantern Roofs

Lantern Roofs
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Roof Lanterns or Lantern Roofs, are becoming ever more popular as alternatives to traditional conservatories or orangeries.  We have found more and more customers moving away from ‘fully glazed’ style room extensions.  Instead, the preference now is for solid walls like brick or render, with well positioned glass windows and doors, and a glazed roof lantern on top to flood the room with natural light and sunshine. 

The roof lantern extension has many advantages.  It more closely matches the original building in looks, utilising the same or closely matching brick, render or stone for its main construction.  Inside the walls can be decorated to match the interior décor of the home, making the extension feel more in keeping with the original building.  Pictures, mirrors, shelves and lights can be easily mounted on interior walls unlike full glass conservatories.  Solid walls give a warmer impression than glass on anything other than very hot and sunny days. 

Lantern roof extensions started as a way of opening up kitchens to create spacious areas for family and friends to mingle.  People naturally gravitate to kitchens at barbecues or dinner parties, and having a large airy space means everyone can enjoy the cooking and even offer help whilst chatting! Now lantern roofs can be found extending lounges, dining rooms and play rooms.  They take the benefits of traditional extensions and conservatories and combine the two to create stunning, warm and light spaces. 

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We have now fallen back in love with our house again and are delighted with the fresh new modern look!
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