UPVC Doors

Different UPVC door styles and colours

We supply and install UPVC doors in Kent and the surrounding area.  UPVC doors are one of the most common replacement doors throughout the UK.  There is a UPVC door style for virtually any application wheather that be front doors, back doors, french doors, patio doors or even stable doors.  The versatility of UPVC, the lower initial cost and easy maintenence make a UPVC door a compelling choice when upgrading any kind of door in your home.  Our modern replacement UPVC doors are technically superior to many.  Our standard specification UPVC door is a thermally efficient, industry leading product.  A multi-chamber construction helps control noise and heat loss. High levels of weatherproofing and intruder protection keep you safe from the worst of the UK climate - and secure in your home. Our doors are also extremely tough. They feature high-impact frames with fusion-welded joints and corners. This makes them robust and strong so they will last a lifetime.


We offer replacement UPVC doors in a huge range of styles, colours and finishes - whether you live in a new build property or a traditional property there is something in our door range to suit your home.  Our woodgrain finishes include choices like Golden, Irish and Grey Oak, Chartwell Green, Whitegrain and Black as well as traditional finishes.  We also offer some colours as a 'dual colour' option, meaning you can have different colours on the outside and inside door panels. Our UPVC doors are energy efficient keeping your home warmer and saving you money on your energy bills. Not only that but our UPVC doors are virtually maintenance free and come with a long guarantee for total peace of mind.


Customise your UPVC doors..

Choose from a range of high quality door handles.  Options include levers and pad handles which you can 'mix & match' to suit a particular function or style.

Our handles are available in several high wearing finishes including White, Black, Gold, Chrome, Satin, Bronze and even Graphite.

Our door knockers are available in Urn or Slim styles.  Like our levers they can also be specified in a variety of colours including White, Black, Gold, Chrome, Satin, Bronze and Graphite.


Letterplates (letterboxes) can easily be fitted into your new UPVC door at point of manufacture.  Choose from standard or slim designs.  

Our letterplates again are available in a range of matching colours to enable you to keep a consistant look throughout.

Matching house numbers can also be added to the door in the same finish.

Spyholes are available in Gold & Chrome.  They can also be fitted directly into the door knocker for a neat and discreet finish.

Spyholes give you peace of mind, allowing you to check who is outside before opening the door.

Bespoke fitted hardware and locking..

Different houses require different entry levels.

We offer five different height entry thresholds on UPVC doors.  Our surveyors can help you decide which level is most practical for you.

Choose from three standard height frames, or choose a low level threshold that allows easy access for the infirm or for wheelchair use.

Hinges can also be specified depending on the level of security, or simply for the look they will give you.

We can fit any number of hinges to your door, and will advise you how many you should specify depending on your circumstances.

Hinges are suited to match the other furniture on your door.  High security hinges are fitted where the door is required to meet the 'Secured By Design' Police security standard.

Beautiful colour choices..

Our standard UPVC door colour is Gloss White.

However, our system is not your normal run-of-the-mill UPVC White finish!  We use an extrusion heat process when making your doors or windows in White that actually 'smooths' the surface during manufacture.  This special, additional heat process has the benefit of producing probably the smoothest gloss finish on any White UPVC door or window.

This means your White door will repel dirt which other more porous doors will attract, making cleaning for you easier and far less frequent than other doors.   

In keeping with our commitment to offering colour choices on all of our products, our UPVC doors are available in a choice of gorgeous looking woodgrain effects.

Choose from Irish Oak, Cherry, Golden Oak, Deep Red, Green, Blue or Mahogany amogst others.  We also offer 'Dual Colour' on many doors, allowing you a different finish on the outside of the door to the inside!

Secured by design..

Our UPVC doors were designed with security firmly at the forefront of our thinking.

We are able to upgrade your door to meet the Secured by Design Police Security Initiative.

This door offers the highest level of security to our customers.  Items upgraded include hinges, extra outer frame reinforcing, glass lock clips, upgraded lock keep, dog bolts and ABS Cylinders.  Enough to deter even the most forceful of attackers and fully protect you and your home.

Simply mention Secured by Design when talking to our sales staff or designers, and they will explain the system in more depth and incorporate this specification into your quotation. 

The Joedan Group is a secure, long established and reputable family business. We are among the top 10 Aluminium Fabricators in the UK. We offer confidence and total peace of mind in the quality of our products and the delivery of the very best service.  We are members of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF).  Being the industry authority, the GGF promotes best practice and sets the highest technical and health & safety standards. The Federation is also the voice of the industry in local and national politics helping shape and influence policy and legislation. As well as offering an array of benefits to its members, the GGF guides and protects homeowners when buying glass or glazing products and services.

We have been delighted with the quality of the product and the installation!
Mr & Mrs Maylon