Aluminium Doors

Thermal aluminium doors for the best levels of finish and engineering

Micron aluminium thermal doors.  Micron manufacture, supply and install a huge range of high security coloured aluminium doors in Kent & Surrey - offering consumers a wide choice of hard wearing finishes (including oak, rosewood & walnut timber effect) with a technology you can trust.  With a wide range of door designs, aluminium doors can totally transform the look of your home, whilst providing a very high level of security. Micron supply and install aluminium doors throughout Kent, Surrey and Greater London.

Aluminium doors offer vast benefits over standard UPVC, Composite or Timber doors.  Aluminium is by far the stronest material with which to make doors from. It is also highly advanced in terms of thermal performance. Micron Aluminium doors feature advanced polyamide thermal barriers, meaning the heat stays in your home and the cold stays out!  Our aluminium doors are highly secure with the most advanced locking and anti-attack systems available in the UK door market.  


We offer a huge range of stock colours and finishes on our doors.  Choose from many different RAL colours to match your property perfectly.  We can offer bespoke colours to match the most unusual property styles and designs.  Our aluminium door systems can be ordered in dual colours, allowing a different finish on both the inside and outside frames.  As well as our standard painted finishes, we have three stunning sublimated woodgrain effects, replicating the luxurious finish of Walnut, Rosewood and Oak.


Why Aluminium..

Unlike other materials, aluminium neither absorbs water, rots or rusts. This means that if you are looking for a new or replacement door, the frames and panels are completely rigid to prevent warping, twisting and sticking. All our aluminium doors are fitted with high security locking systems as standard.

The inherent strength of aluminium means it is ideal for the British climate.  Unlike other materials, aluminium will not expand and contract with the heat of the sun and will open and close perfectly year after year.

Our aluminium doors are like precision instruments. 

The extrusion process that the bar lengths go through mean the tolerence levels we work to with aluminium are far tighter than with any other material.  Sightlines are reduced, edges are absolutely precise. 

Architecturally aluminium is the preferred choice of window and door material for developers, architects, local authorities and quality builders.    

All of our products are guaranteed for at least 10 years.  However, our aluminium products are engineered to last far longer.

In fact, doors and windows we installed for customers as far back as the 1980's are still performing as well as they were the day they were fitted.  We literally dont know how long exactly some of our products can last as they are nowhere near needing replacement. 

What we do know is that Micron Aluminium doors are extraordinarily long lasting.  We know our aluminium systems are amongst the best in the world, and have every confidence you will be just as proud as we are of their quality and integrity. 


The 11-stage powder coating, paint process that Contemporary Aluminium is subject to allows strong paint adhesion and results in a true colour which is sheer quality to look at and touch. Similarly, Contemporary Aluminium woodgrain finishes benefit from a unique process known as sublimation which results in Walnut, Rosewood or Oak appearances which are utterly convincing and second only to real wood itself.

The sublimation heat process is a state-of-the-art way of creating the traditional Timber effect, without using a foil process.  The sublimated timber finishes we offer at Micron are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  We highly recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the woodgrain finish for yourself!

Aluminium thermal barriers..

All of the Micron aluminium windows and doors now feature state-of-the-art Polyamide Thermal Barriers as standard.  We upgraded our (already high performance) aluminium systems to the highest spec Polyamide barriers some time ago.  

The thermal barriers we employ keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer - they quite literally act as a barrier to heat transfer.  Our Polyamide doors are among the best performing replacement and new-build doors available. 

Our systems are built for the future.  Our Polyamide aluminium doors give greater insulation from the cold, far more versatility in the designs we can make and allow the full range of dual colour options that have become so popular in the UK. 

Aluminium & the environment..

Aluminium is certainly one of the most Eco Friendly building materials in the world. Aluminium is highly recyclable with the recycling process creating more high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium. In other words, virtually non of the aluminium is lost in the recycling process making it one of the worlds most sustainable building materials.

The life of our aluminium products is measured in decades rather than years.  We know our doors will last longer than many of us!  And we take great pride in the fact that when they are eventually ready for replacement themselves, the aluminium used to make them in the first place will be used in some other worthwhile endevour using very little resource to renew it.

The Joedan Group is a secure, long established and reputable family business. We are among the top 10 Aluminium Fabricators in the UK. We offer confidence and total peace of mind in the quality of our products and the delivery of the very best service.  We are members of the Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF).  Being the industry authority, the GGF promotes best practice and sets the highest technical and health & safety standards. The Federation is also the voice of the industry in local and national politics helping shape and influence policy and legislation. As well as offering an array of benefits to its members, the GGF guides and protects homeowners when buying glass or glazing products and services.

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