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The Rise Of Coloured Windows And Doors

Replacement windows and doors in uPVC have traditionally been available in any colour the customer wanted, as long as it was White! Thankfully, in recent years the uPVC window and door manufacturers came to realise that having a choice of colours was one of the most desired options for customers who were looking to replace their windows and doors.

Woodgrain foils had been around for some time, offering various shades of Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood windows and doors. However, they were not particularly close in terms of a match for the real thing and quite often made the house look worse than it would have done with a traditional White window installation.

Recently though, technology has progressed to such an extent that the horror window stories of the past will be banished into history forever. The rise of modern coloured uPVC windows, and indeed dual-coloured uPVC windows is the talk of customers and salesmen alike. Beautiful shades of Green and Cream give modern windows a softer, classier look than many thought achievable. The foils used these days give a subtle hint of a woodgrain finish, which looks like a freshly painted timber window when compared to the spray tan Orange woodgrains of only a few years ago!

What is dual colour?

Dual colour is the ability to have different colours on either side of the windows. So you could have White on the inside so as not to clash with internal décor, and a totally different finish to compliment the look of your home from the outside. Dual colour windows are the most in-demand products across the UK window industry in 2017.

We supply uPVC windows and doors in a wide range of finishes and colours, contact us to find out more and receive a free quotations for your own home.

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